Google is Changing Chrome OS into a Powerful Tablet OS!

There is going to be a remarkable change in Chrome OS. It is building up to be a bold and different OS—the one that can manage almost anything you throw at it, specifically for tablets. It can be possible it becoming the perfect tablet operating system that we all have been waiting for it for a long time.

chrome os

  • History Lesson Of Chrome OS-
  1. Chrome OS was launched with the first Chromebook—the Google CR-48—back in 2011, it was entirely well received for what it was. Of course, there is no doubt back then it was much simpler than it even is today.
  2. Most people did refer to Chrome OS as a ‘browser in a laptop’ or just a slight variation of that statement which is frankly not only unfair but also inappropriate. Though for many years, Chrome OS remains mostly the same ‘browser in a box’ for the people it even with the release of the 1st high-end Chromebook, Google’s different Chromebook Pixel, a lot of what creates Chrome OS special now wasn’t even close available. Chrome Apps have made it more helpful, but note that those were generally packaged websites at the time.
  3. However, entirely there was a beginning of a new era for Chrome OS because of the change occurring back in the year 2016- Chrome OS got support for Android apps. Android apps begin to do that web apps couldn’t handle. This most significant change made Chrome OS more useful and versatile. Soon Android support then became a standard across all modern Chrome OS devices.
  4. Recently, Google created another excellent change on the app front which is called ‘support for Linux apps’.
  5. In the future, Chrome OS isn’t only about laptops. Instead, it’s becoming a brilliant tablet OS.


  • Chrome OS Could Ultimately Become The Tablet-
  1. Tablets are somewhat like the in-between device which is bigger than the phone and more portable than the laptops. Luckily, more useful than both but also less versatile.
  2. Chrome OS will be offering the best! The excellent output of a surface with the tablet experience of an iPad.
  3. Chrome OS is generally the new Android tablet. In brief and simple words, you may have an android app that you’d want to run on a tablet. Although the Android ecosystem doesn’t provide specifically to tablets, it makes lot more sense to run it on Chrome OS as it’s more than just Android.
  4. Besides, the split screen also guides fantastically.
  5. The Chrome OS tablets can bring all the benefits of a Chromebook laptop and then connect them with all the benefits of a tablet.
  6. The Pixel Slate is Google’s overall the future of Chrome OS as a tablet platform. It’s a beautiful and good functional tablet. But whenever paired with a keyboard and/or mouse, it automatically becomes a full Chromebook.
  7. The overall package of Chrome OS and Android has to provide in one killer, elegant and versatile package.
  8. The rapid growth rate in recent years of Chrome OS has been so high that we will surely observe lot many changes that shall build it up not only a great tablet OS but a device that substitute your tablet, laptop and desktop.
  9. For Google, Chrome OS is the tablet OS of the future.

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