How to Fix ‘Internet may not be Available’ Error on Android Devices?

Android is one of the most utilized operating systems globally and justifiably so. Even though the OS works efficiently, it can fall prey to several issues. “Internet May Not be Available” can be one of these errors, and here we will help you in fixing it. So, here are the instructions to fix the ‘Internet may not be available’ error on Android devices.

Fix ‘Internet may not be Available’ Error


Modifying DHCP Mode

In case you intend to modify the DHCP mode, go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • You should open the panel of notification and select the Settings option.
  • Thereafter, go to ‘Wireless and Networks’ and select the Wi-Fi option.
  • You have to long-press the Wi-Fi link, which you are attempting to connect to.
  • Navigate to ‘Modify Network’ option and select ‘Show Advanced Options.’
  • You should select ‘IP Settings’ and choose ‘Static’ button.
  • Thereafter, go down and select ‘DNS 1’.
  • You have to input the ‘’ in first address and select ‘DNS 2’.
  • Later, enter ‘’ into the second address.
  • You should select the ‘Save’ button and attempt to link it to the Wi-Fi.
  • Now, look to view when the problem continues.

Check for Updates

If you would like to check for updates, then abide by the given steps.

  • Launch the panel of notification and select the Settings option.
  • You should move down and select the ‘System’ button and choose ‘Software Update.’
  • Navigate to ‘Check for Updates,’ and you have to wait to finish the checking procedure on mobile.
  • You have to select ‘Download and Install’ after it becomes applicable.
  • Later, wait for download and install the update.
  • Now, look to view when the problem continues.

Remove Cache Partition 

In case you intend to remove the cache partition, go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, long-press the ‘Power’ key and choose ‘Power Off’ to switch off the mobile.
  • You should long press the ‘Volume down and Power’ key at once to switch on.
  • You have to wait for a switch on and appear the logo.
  • Thereafter, release the ‘Power’ key on the developer’s logo and ‘Volume down’ key if the ‘Android Logo’ appears.
  • With the help of ‘Volume Down’ button to go down the list and show up ‘Wipe Cache.’
  • Go to the Power button to choose an option and wait to remove the cache.
  • After removing the cache, show up and select ‘Reboot’ and wait to restart the mobile.
  • Now, look to view when the problem continues after the restart.

Open Safe Mode

In case you intend to open Safe Mode, then go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • To get started, long-press the Power key on your device.
  • You should long press Power Off button if it’s appeared.
  • Choose ‘Launch in Safe Mode.’
  • The mobile will be rebooted, so look when the Wi-Fi links in Safe Mode.
  • When it does, begin downloading the apps individually and look at which one creates the error.
  • Now, either remove the doubtful app or update it to solve the issue.


Jay Cross is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

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Tips to Beat Belial in Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is here and it has some tough boss fights. One of these said tough fights have to be fought against Belial. Beating Belial is indeed hard, but it can be done. If you are facing troubles in beating Belial, then you should read through the blog. Here are the tips and tricks to beat Belial in Darksiders Genesis.

Tips to Beat Belial

  1. Belial’s Statistics

He is tall, massive, agile, and also seems like a deadly appearing opponent. He has a trident and a long tail to capture and attacks by acquiring massive areas. He knows numerous tricks you should be cautious of.

  1. Attacking Skills of Belial

He packs multiple attacking powers and techniques to destroy all the resources and of the players.

These are the challenges and attacking techniques of Belial

  • Demon Lord Belial has the power to bewilder the location of the player. He will disappear after falling into the threshold of the teleporting location.
  • He tries to destroy all your resources to weaken you.
  • Belial also knows fiery punches for attacking by one-shot killing power technique. It has ranged, and melee punches.
  • If he finds the player alive, then he applies another attack of stunning and punching his opponent to kill him completely before the player’s response.
  • Players have to avoid the attacks of Trident from the Demon’s side by bouncing over it.
  • Belial may produce a ring or waves of fire to slam you on the ground by the force of fire waves. He will try to burn you with fire waves. You have to stay between the fire by dodging and jumping over the fire.
  • Try to get away or dodge Minions not to let the Belial’s health to recover. Try to weaken him continuously to defeat him.
  • He packs various shields to protect himself and to prevent players from creating damage to him.
  • Prevent the shooting beams from restoring and boosting the health of Belial. He will use two artifacts to do this.
  1. Killing Belial

The new abilities of the strife work like a boon for the players in this battle. In this game, the players will need to perform ranged damage and crushes to defeat the Demon. Belial can do a lot of damage to the players, but the players will have to avoid them. They can stand back for attacking as it will provide extra time for the reaction.

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“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Season 3 Premiering on January

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will return to terrify Netflix users on 24th January 2020 with its third season. Though the Netflix series originally debut on 31st October 2018, it is not a new franchise. Archie comic has released the comic world to Sabrina in the year 1971 with a show named Sabrina Teenage Witch. She also acquired a sitcom with a similar title in 1996. Sabrina shared screen time with her black cat Salem and mostly used the magic to deal with the situation of being a teen in this season.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


This season of Sabrina’s adventure will be more dangerous and sinister. The chilling adventure of Sabrina that related to separate latest comic books, begins similarly as a sitcom with Sabrina to build the conclusion concerning powers on her birthday. Although in the Netflix series, Sabrina has to decide whether she is going to vow to Satan as a Witch or let go of power and turn into a mortal.

The series has caught the attention of the audience so much that Season three is in the works only after 2 years of its original release. Recently the official twitter account of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina released the premiere date to be 24th January 2020. The Twitter account of Archie Comic announced the series Season 3 with the humorous spoof of “Women Yelling at Cat” meme.

Actors including Michelle Gomez, Kiernan Brennan Shipka, Jazz Sinclair, Ross Lynch, Chance Perdomo, Adeline Rudolph, Lucy Davis, Tati Gabrielle, Miranda Otto, and Richard Coyle will be there in the season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The season will be having only 8 episodes which will low in comparison to the previous seasons. This series will continue the story from where the last season ends for the viewers, disturbed about the status of Nick and keeping the suspense of the previous two seasons intact since Sabrina and her friends are trying to locate their way to hell.

Though Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is not that famous like the maker Roberto Aguirre’s other Archie comics shows like Riverdale, which still catches more attention of the viewers. Sabrina is the story about a feminist that tackles the worst side of witchcraft. As a queen, this is unquestionably possible that Sabrina can enter into witchcraft’s world where she was accidentally thrown. The audience has to tune the series on 24th January to find out his destiny.

Jay Cross is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

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Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity Week 1 Quests and Rewards Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter is one of the most entertaining mobile games by Niantic. The game asks players to visit real-world venues while creating spells, facing mysterious artifacts. It looks similar to games like “Pokemon Go,” and “Ingress” but offers much more.

The game has several events and Christmas Calamity is one of them. Here is everything you need to know about the Christmas Calamity Week 1 Quests and Rewards.

Christmas Calamity

New Brilliant Events and Community Details of the “Wizards Unite First”

Part 1


  1. Earn five “Yule Ball Invitations” from the “Prohibited Section Books” of Inns two
  2. Give back three “Higher” threats found able to get ten brilliant Family XP.
  3. Join one friend of twenty brilliant families.


  1. Three Baneberry Ingredients
  2. Two Powered Dragon Claw Ingredients
  3. Five hundred XP of Wizarding.
  4. Portrait of Yule Ball Robes.
  5. One restricted section book
  6. Twenty Brilliant family XP

Part 2

  1. Get five “Yule Ball Invitations” and earn twenty brilliant family XP from Greenhouses.
  2. Get three hundred Wizarding XP on brewing four potions.
  3. Get fifteen “Brilliant family XP” by sending five gifts.


  1. Six Snowdrop Ingredients
  2. Portrait of Ice Sculpture Frame
  3. Twenty-five brilliant Family XP
  4. One Punch Bowl Brilliant Registry Sticker
  5. Three Restricted Segment Books
  6. Two Unicorn hair

Part 3

  1. Get seven Yule Ball Invitations and earn five hundred wizarding XP by Gnome Confoundables
  2. Accomplish five wizarding challenges and earn five hundred Wizarding XPs.
  3. Give back five “Madame Maxine” and “Brilliant Hagrid” and earn fifteen brilliant family XP


  1. Two dark Detectors
  2. Snowflakes Portrait Sticker in animation
  3. Three Restricted Section Books
  4. Twenty Five Brilliant Family XP
  5. Sticker of Hermione Hair Pins Portrait

Part 4


  1. Get fifteen Yule Ball Invitations and earn seven fifty Wizarding XP by Gnome Confoundables
  2. Earn twenty-five brilliant Family XP by giving back five brilliant Hermione and then
  3. Earn twenty-five brilliant Family XP by unlocking three Port keys


  1. Fifty Gold
  2. Durmstrang Ship Animated Portrait Sticker
  3. Five Prohibited Section Books
  4. Sticker of Grumpy Ron Brilliant Registry
  5. Silver House Statues Picture Frame

Bonus Challenges

  1. Get “thirty Yule Ball Invitations” and earn two dark detectors via Brilliant traces
  2. Give Back higher threats fundable to get one ministry ID title, i.e., “Gift Giver.”
  3. For portrait, send ten “Yule Ball Fancy hat” as a gift.

Bonus Points

  1. Hundred Brilliant Family XP
  2. Two Thousand Wizard XP

Some challenges may look hard and complicated, while most of them seem simple and very straightforward. Only you have to be ready for casting great spells.

Billy Sparks  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Update, Changes to Rewards, Bounties, and Patch Notes

Destiny 2 is coming with numerous changes on December 10, involving more significant modifications to some of the game’s solar subclasses. Developers have just released information on bigger changes that will affect how gamers will survive with the ongoing parts of Destiny 2, such as bounties, rewards, Xur’s exotic engrams, and acquiring XP.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Patch Notes

Here are the details about the new update of Season of Dawn.


  • Enhanced the drop rate from 5% to 10 % of the “Scourge of the Past” raid Exotic Weapon Anarchy.
  • The Fated Engram and the Exotic Engram have been merged into single latest Exotic Engram items.
  • When unlocked, it rewards the latest Exotic in case any remain to be collected. Otherwise, it contains a random piece of Exotic armor.
  • Note: The new contents are class-specific.

Powerful and Pinnacle Reward Caps:

  • Pinnacle Cap: 970, up from 960.
  • Powerful Cap: 960, up from 950.

Weapon Mods:

  • The Slotting cost of a weapon mod has been decreased from 5000 Glimmer to 500 Glimmer.
  • Troubleshoot for a bug where Ada-1 could grant replicate weapon mods.

Crucible Maps:

  • Introduced Rusted Lands to perfect playlists.
  • Introduced Legion’s Gulch, Solitude, The Dead Cliffs, and Retribution to perfect playlists.
  • Eliminated Emperor’s Respite, Firebase Echo, Vostok, and Equinox from every Crucible playlists.
  • The latest maps are only available to access in private matches.

Nightstalker Way of the Pathfinder (Bottom Path):

  • Fadeaway in Smoke.
  • Introduced 0.8 second short period after the disappearance is applied where a firing weapon or carrying out other actions will not break vanishing drive.
  • This will support prevent comrades from accidentally breaking disappearance the moment it is used if unexpected.

Striker Code of the Middle Path Missile:

  • Thundercrash:
  • Slightly improved the amount of time the player has in the air after activation.
  • Enhanced based damage from 2700 to 3200.
  • Enhanced in-flight damage from 100 to 200.


  • Removed melee bounties and a grenade from the Crucible bounty repeatable pool.
  • Decreased the mission completion requirements of repeatable crucible bounties and several days.
  • Introduced latest mode-specific daily Crucible bounties such as one per day, activate rotators, and selected from full-time playlists.
  • Removed Vanguard Tokens and Infamy/Valor from “Field Calibration” as there is no need for any of such linked activities.
  • Repeatable bounties have been introduced to the Gunsmith.
  • Merged Crucible/Strike/Gambit aims at the “Field Calibration” Gunsmith weekly bounty into one aim that shares progress from every source.

Escalation Protocol:

  • Weapon drops escalation protocol was not touched, but still cumulative-stream boss drops.
  • Armory Keys to obtaining Valkyrie Javelins are not changed and will remain.
  • Charged Key Fragments and Decryption keys are being eradicated from the game. These in-game items will be eliminated from gamers’ inventories.
  • After obtaining a complete set, the subsequent opening of the chest rewards a random piece of armor.
  • No need for a key to unlock Escalation Protocol wave seven chests.
  • Open chests upon each successful completion of wave 7 in the game.

The details, as mentioned above, about Destiny 2 Season of Dawn changes look to be user-friendly and very positive, and players will access it in the game soon.

Jay Cross is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

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Frozen 2 Standout Song Isn’t the One Fans Expected

The major song of Frozen 2 is not what fans expected. After an amazing adventure of part one of Frozen in 2013, fans were eagerly waiting for Elsa and Anna’s new adventure. The release news of Frozen 2 automatically surrounded by questions. Still, the primary question was will there be any song in Frozen 2 and will it garner similar popularity like “Let it Go.”

Frozen 2 unites the entire crew, including Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff again. They all go to the north to discover the mystery as Elsa was hearing the mysterious voice and, unfortunately, awakening the elemental spirits existing in the forest. The entire team heads to the woods to discover what has happened earlier and why it is sealed for so long when the spirits start threatening Arendelle. This film was the biggest hit setting the new Disney box office record in the first weekend.

frozen 2

Elsa was expected to get a solo song, but in reality, she gets two. One is “Into the Unknown” and the other is “Let It Go.” Disney released the songs a week before the movie reached the screens.  The songs depict her wish to know about what is this and where it is coming from but also a desire to stop because of the risky path. It’s a good start for the story and shows where her mind is before the adventure starts, although it is the second song that steals the fan’s attention.

Elsa’s second song, “Show Yourself,” plays at the important scene of a movie. Elsa’s quest for the voice leads her to the Dark Sea towards Ahtohallan. There she discovers about the real story of an enchanted forest and the cause of her superpowers. Show Yourself song is all about how Elsa goes deeper in Ahtohallan and her desire to know the truth increases as she discovers more about the past and magic. This is the most significant moment for Elsa, because this time, she was not at all afraid. Frozen is about overcoming her fears and the superpowers, and Frozen 2 is all about holding them and utilizing them for good.

Show Yourself song has one line in which it explains how Elsa is no longer shaking, nor she has any fear, she has developed the abilities and turn into a new person. It is because of this that “Show Yourself” is the standout in Frozen and “Into the Unknown”  is probably the attention gainer of the entire film. It packs Idina Menzel’s amazing voice but Show Yourself has more emotion behind it which connects to the audience. The song describes the character of Elsa that how she was and then how she changed herself standout without any fear using the powers for good. The animation during the entire song is terrific, which adds goosebumps in the whole song. Let it Go is still the powerful song that shows the best and defined as one of the best of Frozen 2.

Tim Cross is from Ohio USA. Before he started writing blogs he went through various occupations such as teaching, programming and travelling. But his favorite job is writing blogs for antivirus technology for

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One Battle Pass Leaks

Activision has shared information concerning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season as it is set to commence on 3 December 2019. The exclusive content involves several exciting things, such as different game modes, new maps, 100 Tier battle pass, new guns, vehicles, and much more. Conversely, it appears that players will not need to wait until release as some news is revealed about the entire Season One Battle Pass. Season One will start at PST 10 AM on 3rd December and end at PST 10 AM on 28 January 2020.


The latest battle pass consists of a total of 104 Tiers, in which 23 are free Tiers and 81 are paid. The game will gift the first four Tiers immediately after a complete purchase.

  1. 20 Blueprints (17 Paid and 3 Free).
  2. 12 Operator Skins (12 Paid).
  3. 13 COD Points (10 Paid and 3 Free).
  4. 2 New Weapons ( 2 Free) and more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Full List of Season One Battle Pass

Concerning other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle passes, the leak includes a total of 77 paid exclusive battle pass, in which 23 will be free to avail. For the potential gamers, the full breakup of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass Tiers can be found underneath.:

Season One Battle Pass:  Common Rarity and its Types

  • Tier 4:  Sweet Mercy.  Emblem.
  • Tier 9: Nice Supplies.  Charm.
  • Tier 11:  Broken.  Sticker.
  • Tier 14:  Masks On.  Spray.
  • Tier 26:  Checkmate.  Sticker.
  • Tier 28:  ChemWeap.  Spray.
  • Tier 29:  2XP 15 Minutes. XP Token.
  • Tier 34:  On Alert.  Player Card.
  • Tier 36:  2WXP 15 Minutes.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 67:  Death Toast.  Emblem.
  • Tier 72:  Fetch.  Sticker.
  • Tier 75:  Hazardous.  Spray.
  • Tier 78:  Paid 15 Minutes 2WXP.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 83:   Paid 15 Minutes 2XP.  XP Token.
  • Tier 86 :Poison Head.  Sticker.

Season One Battle Pass:  Rare Rarity and its Types

  • Tier 0:  NightShade. Operator Skin.
  • Tier 1:  The Purist.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 5:  Blackspike. Knife Skin.
  • Tier 7:  2XP 30 Minutes.  XP Token.
  • Tier 8:  Wrong Turn.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 10:  Urban Hip.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 13:  2WXP 30 Minutes.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 18:  Impossible Task.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 19:  Recon. Operator Skin.
  • Tier 21:  Lethal Dose. Emblem.
  • Tier 24:  Stick ‘EM.  Charm.
  • Tier 27:  Stay Frosty.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 35:  Collateral Damage.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 37:  Lethality.  Emblem.
  • Tier 38:  Hadir’s Right Hand.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 39:  Mine Over Matter.  Charm.
  • Tier 40:  Armored Up.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 42:  Monochromatic.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 44:  Hot-Headed.  Sticker.
  • Tier 45:  The Traitor.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 47:  Biohazard.  Spray.
  • Tier 50:  Mariner.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 53:  Paid 2XP 30 Minutes.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 54:  Wall Hack.  Charm.
  • Tier 57:  Paid 30 Minutes 2XP.  XP Token.
  • Tier 58:  Snakebite.  Sticker.
  • Tier 59:  Stygian.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 60:  Buckshot.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 61:  Mind Blown.  Spray.
  • Tier 69:  Bombs Away.  Charm.
  • Tier 70:  Sokoly.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 76:  Riptide. Blueprint.
  • Tier 80:  Wet works.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 84:  Set To Blow.  Charm.
  • Tier 88:  Hazmat Savior.  Spray.
  • Tier 90:  Overgrowth.  Operator Skin.

Season One Battle Pass:  Epic Rarity and its types

  • Tier 0:  Chem Division. Operator Skin.
  • Tier 2:  Back to Back.  Player Card.
  • Tier 16:  Breach. Player Card.
  • Tier 22:  2XP 45 Minutes.  XP Token.
  • Tier 30:  Down Range.  Operator Skin.
  • Tier 33:  Keele Campaign Silver.  Watch.
  • Tier 49:  Smoked ‘EM.  Player Card.
  • Tier 51:  Baddie.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 52:  COG of Duty.  Emblem.
  • Tier 55:  Long Arm. Blueprint.
  • Tier 63:  Paid 45 Minutes 2XP.  XP Token.
  • Tier 64:  Into The Dark.  Player Card.
  • Tier 65:  The Ejector.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 68:  45 Minutes 2WXP.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 71:  Siberian Tiger.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 73:  Paid 45 Minutes 2WXP.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 77:  Woods Cutter.  Player Card.
  • Tier 79:  Gassed.  Emblem.
  • Tier 81:  Blow Back.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 89:  Stalker.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 92:  Stand-Off. Player Card.
  • Tier 94:  Caustic Area.  Emblem.
  • Tier 95:  Swamp Weed.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 97:  Gas This!  Charm.

Season One Battle Pass:  Legendary Rarity and its types

  • Tier 0:  Skill Track 55.  Watch.
  • Tier 0:  60 Minutes 2XP.  XP Token.
  • Tier 3:  60 Minutes 2WXP.  WXP Token.
  • Tier 6:  100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 12:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 15:  Holger-26.  New Weapon.
  • Tier 17:  Paid 100 CP. CP.
  • Tier 20:  Sand Snake.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 23:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 31:  RAM-7.  New Weapon.
  • Tier  32: Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 41:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 43:  Paid 2XP 60 Minutes.  XP Token.
  • Tier 46:  Paid 2WXP 60 Minutes.  WXP Token.
  • Tier  48:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 56:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 62:  Disco Stud.  Watch.
  • Tier 66:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 74:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 82:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 85:  Gilded.  Blueprint.
  • Tier 87:  Paid 60 Minutes 2XP.  XP Token.
  • Tier 91: Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 93:  Life Support.  Watch.
  • Tier 96:  Paid 2XP 60 Minutes.  XP Token.
  • Tier 98:  Paid 100 CP.  CP.
  • Tier 99:  Corrupter. Blueprint.
  • Tier 100:  Add in – Forest Ops.  Operator Skin.


Jay Cross is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

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